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NOTE: Our list of available consultants is still being crafted. At this moment, we are not accepting applications. Please keep an eye out for announcements that this resource has been made available!

Educational Consulting Stipends

We are offering an educational curriculum through 2021 and 2022 thanks to a grant we received from the citizens of Boulder County's Sustainability Tax and the Golson Family Fund. Through this curriculum, we want our content to be as relevant as possible.​


In order to ensure that these workshops are useful to your own unique production practices and goals, our chapter is offering stipends to cover 1:1 consulting with our workshop hosts so that you may have the chance to dive deeper into your specific questions that the workshop did not cover. 

For the hosts that have expressed interest in offering consulting, FYFC is funding five 2-hour sessions per workshop host. You can view available consultants below.

Our upcoming educational events can be viewed here


Consulting Application

To register for a scholarship, please take the time to fill out the information below.

Resource Sharing:

In order to receive a consulting stipend, you must demonstrate a commitment to sharing your knowledge with the greater community. In the application form, please describe how will you share your free consulting hours with the FYFC Community.

Some Suggestions:

  1. I'll write a blog post/summary to share on the FYFC website

  2. I'll create a video during the consulting session

  3. I'll call someone on the Education Committee and tell them about it so they can write a post or summary

  4. I'll invite another member or two to join me for my consulting session

Available Consultants:



Coming Soon!

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