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The Committee

The mission of the Education Committee is to provide educational opportunities and resources ranging from farm tours to full day workshops that inspire and enable local producers to more successfully contribute to local food security, steward lands, and experience holistic well being. The Education Committee has focused on topics such as seed systems, animal integration, water usage in the high desert, soil health, and crop/farm planning.


The Education Committee’s role is to put on member-focused, dynamic educational events that support the learning curve for new and beginning farmers, build specific skill sets, and meet the varied needs of diverse operations from a foundational perspective.

Up Next

We aim to meet the educational needs of our community members. To accomplish this, we hold discussions with the public and our members, and also use surveys to understand which topics are of the highest interest.


You can see the results of our most recent survey - where we asked our members what educational topics they were most interested in - here!

Want to learn more or join the committee?

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