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Application Period CLOSED:

Education Coordinator 2021-2022

Posted: April 5th, 2021
Deadline to Apply: April 14th, 2021 
Email us a 1 page resume and 1 page cover letter to apply

About the Flatirons Young Farmers Coalition


FYFC is a fiscally sponsored chapter of the National Young Farmers Coalition. We seek to further NYFC’s mission in Boulder County, while supporting our own mission and vision. FYFC’s work is vital to the farm and food community in Boulder. By engaging with our local government and educating the community, we are creating opportunities for young farmers to succeed. We are building an organization that will keep farmers in Boulder working the land regeneratively, which will bring dividends to Boulder for years to come, in the form of healthy food, healthy land, and healthy communities.


The Education Committee of FYFC has been awarded a grant for our 2021-2022 curriculum. This curriculum will focus on animal husbandry, business fundamentals, and small scale grains. We are seeking a Committee Coordinator "Education Coordinator" to help with committee meetings, schedule and plan for educational events, and determine metrics to quantify the impact of this curriculum.


FYFC Education Committee Coordinator Job Description


Time Period: April 2021-December 2022

Time Commitment: 5 hours per hour of workshop hosted (this is a part time role with variable hours)

Pay: $30 per hour



In 2021, the Flatirons Young Farmers Coalition was awarded a grant from the Boulder County Sustainability Fund to provide in-depth, video-recorded workshops for farmers on 3 different topics: Animal Husbandry and Soil Health, Small-Scale Grains, and Business Fundamentals. A local donor, the Golson Family Fund, matched the grant with a generous gift. The grant comes with specific budgetary and measurement tracking requirements.



Assist the Education Committee members in executing the plan created for education funding received from the Boulder County Sustainability Fund. 


Skills Needed:

  1. Excellent, consistent communication skills, both oral and written

  2. Ability to collaborate with others on a complex and long-term project

  3. Excellent organization habits

  4. Self-motivation and prompt follow-through on tasks committed to



  • Delegate tasks to committee members when appropriate and needed.

  • Complete the checklist for each workshop, whether through committee members, the Chapter Coordinator, or independently.

  • Support committee members

    • Schedule committee meetings

    • Take and share meeting notes

    • Help committee members find appropriate resources

    • Help committee members connect with workshop leaders & venues

    • Help schedule videographers and video editors for each event

  • Coordinate events

    • Find appropriate venues for workshops

    • Coordinate logistics with venues around insurance, bathroom facilities, food, and other amenities at workshops

    • Help create agenda with the farmer/teacher for each workshop

  • Monitoring and Evaluation

    • Develop metrics for understanding who the education curricula are reaching and what sort of results are produced from these curricula.

    • Do outreach to garner feedback about events.

    • Publish results.

  • Share relevant materials with the Chapter Coordinator to allow for appropriate publicizing of all events

    • Date, time, location, host, topic and subtopics, relevant audience

  • Administrative Duties

    • Work with the Boulder County Sustainability Fund to create the needed financial reports.

    • In charge of other administrative duties, such as event marketing


FYFC strives to create an equitable farming future for our community of farmers and advocates. This role will be responsible for ensuring that the Education Committee works to connect with the members of our agricultural community who would benefit the most from additional support. This person will ensure these members are receiving the most constructive assistance.

Applications for this position are now closed. Thank you for your interest!

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