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History and
Top Accomplishments

We're Growing!
(and growing more than veggies)

The Flatirons Farmers Coalition was founded in the fall of 2016. Since then, our chapter has continued to grow and is increasingly impactful within the farming community of the Flatirons region.


Flatirons Farmers Coalition (FFC) has been in operation under the fiscal sponsorship of National Young Farmers Coalition (NYFC) a 501c3.  In 2021, our members voted to form Flatirons Farmers Coalition (FFC) and leave NYFC's fiscal sponsorship. The intention of this transition is to enable our organization to better serve our local community. We still intend to remain a chapter of NYFC even after we become our own legal entity.


In the middle of 2022, FFC was formed as a legal entity, and we are now awaiting that entity's 501c3 designation from the IRS. The IRS designation will make this separation possible and complete, and we will officially transition from FYFC to FFC at that time.

We will remain fiscally sponsored by NYFC until this transition is complete so we can continue to conduct programming and fundraising.

Top Accomplishments:


  • Our chapter has initiated specific local and state level policy changes: 

    • We have a growing relationship with the City of Boulder's Open Space and Mountain Parks and Boulder County's Parks and Open Space.

    • We have established a warm relationship with Congressman Joe Neguse. 

    • We have hosted two farm tours with Congressman Neguse and with Congressman Kelly Armstrong (ND).

    • Through these relationships, FYFC helped to inspire the Study on Improving Our Lands (SOIL) Act.

  • FFC has hosted a farm-to-table dinner with over 50 farmer attendees.

  • Our annual Hoe Down fundraiser has hosted over 500 total attendees and has raised over $7,500 to fund chapter operations and special events.

  • Our chapter has 35 active members and currently reaches close to 400 members of our community on a routine basis.

  • FFC has the 5th most active membership of the National Young Farmers Coalition’s 46 chapters.

  • The Flatirons Chapter of NYFC is 1 of only 10 chapters across the nation with a paid coordinator position. Our Chapter Coordinator role began in May, 2020 and has helped establish our membership and chapter resources.

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