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Farmer Interview with KGNU

One of our youngest farmers, Annaliese Dankers, in collaboration with two CU, Boulder grad students and KGNU, shares her story of becoming a farmer.

Farming in the United States, while as critical as ever, is facing some serious challenges. At the forefront of this are young people who are trying to enter the field--literally--and make a living by growing the food that we depend on. According to the National Agricultural Statistics Service, the average age of farmers in Colorado is over 57 years old. Meanwhile there are many new farmers trying to master the practice before our current growers retire. Lauren Dunteman and Sarah Newman, both masters students at CU Boulder, spoke to with Annaliese to understand some of the many challenges that farmers--especially young ones--face. Her story was aired on KGNU public radio this past May.

Give it a listen, here.

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