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The Future of Farming in Boulder Colorado

A KGNU interview with Nick DiDomenico and Marissa Pulaski of Elk Run Farm |

Nick DiDomenico and Marissa Pulaski of Elk Run Farm were recently interviewed by KGNU radio. Together, they speak of the future of farming in Boulder County and the work that young farmers such as themselves are doing to restore the land beneath our feet.

"The COVID 19 pandemic has shown us the need to have a secure food system. There have been efforts in Boulder County to create a local foodshed, and many local farmers are working towards this, but challenges remain. Farms account for more than one-quarter of the total land in Boulder County.  Out of this, a large fraction is land owned by Boulder County and leased to qualified farmers. According to the 2019 TRENDS Report, even though Boulder’s use of local taxes to purchase and designate public land for farming has been often praised as unique and progressive, the use of systemic pesticides, along with climate change and accelerated land development have had negative impacts on the quality of the soil. Therefore, farmers must not only preserve, but work hard to fix their land.   

We take a look at efforts to create and sustain regenerative agriculture in Boulder County as part of our monthly TRENDS report, a collaboration between KGNU and the Community Foundation of Boulder County."

To hear Nick and Marissa's interview, click here.

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