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We want to hear about YOU!

Hi, this is Lauren Dunteman, your new Chapter Coordinator. I am working to understand who our members are and I would love the opportunity to talk to YOU!

I'm curious to learn:

  • Who are ya?

  • In what ways have you been involved with FYFC? (If your answer is "none", thats okay! I'd still like to learn about what you do!)

  • What does being a member of FYFC mean to you? Why did you join?

  • What value to you feel FYFC provides to our community?

  • What can we at FYFC get better at doing?

  • What skills or interests do you have that you'd like to lean into through FYFC?

I want these "interviews" to be really casual; a friendly 15 minute phone call will do!

Feel free to email me to schedule something, or just make an impromptu call whenever you get the chance.

I can't wait to hear from you!



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