The value of FYFC

Farm Field

“This would have been so much harder if we didn't know other farmers around here”

- Taylor Sanders

As a community-driven organization, FYFC seeks to cultivate and support the success of young and beginning farmers through empathetic connection and equitable action among its members.


To our members we offer:

  • Education through farm tours and workshops
  • Knowledge of local systems and processes
  • Financial support via grants and scholarships

  • Political action to alleviate barriers and advocate for members’ needs

  • Promotion of members through website, social media, and networking

  • Community connection which comes from membership

    • Empathy

    • Mentorship and encouragement from more experienced farmers and members

    • Accountability to one’s own goals from other members

    • Camaraderie and friendship

    • Local models of success in land access and business models

    • Shared perspectives on what it’s like in the fields, the path of a farming career, and much more.

Located in the Flatirons Region of Colorado.

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