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What does inclusion mean to us?

We have come across three definitions:

Inclusion is having a seat at the table.

Inclusion is having a voice. 

Inclusion is having that voice be heard.

For the sake of all materials here, when we refer to "inclusion", we are describing this third layer, where people feel that their voices are welcome, heard, and valued.

What does inclusion mean to you?

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Inclusion Framework:

Tier 1

Tier 2

Tier 3

Tier 1- Committee Level: how can we ensure that voices are heard within committee work and that there is inclusivity and open communication within committees, and that people feel safe and welcome within and to join committees? 


Tier 2- Chapter Level: how do we make sure that we are engaging all of our membership and ensuring that voices that want to be speak and participate are able to do so?


Tier 3- Community at Large: How do we conduct outreach and/or create a chapter that is open and welcoming to those that may not identify as members but want to join in the good work that we do as a chapter?

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