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Historically, when asked "who are your members?", our answer was "well, everyone!" This is because we have never had a formal membership roster. That is beginning to change!  By designing a formal membership, we will be better positioned to:

  • Advocate for our members

  • Understand our member's demographics

  • Communicate about our impact, and

  • Prepare for our organization's future


Membership will renew on an annual basis, with membership dues starting at just $1. Our programming will still continue to be available to members and non members alike, but we strongly encourage you to become an official member of our organization! Current and aspiring farmer owners, farm workers, gardeners, homesteaders, and advocates of local food systems all still qualify as members of our org. If our work is important to you, we would love to have you! Your commitment of membership supports our ongoing ability to provide value to our community.


By becoming a member, you are contributing to an inclusive, successful, resilient, and regenerative local food system!

Become A Member

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